A Yellow Birthday!


Birthday parties are so much fun! We feel that celebrating all your important and happy milestones is a great way to bring joy into the everyday. Parties don’t have to super extravagant with professionals coming in to manage events and make cakes. You can have a wonderful celebration on a budget. The idea is to keep things simple and effective.

For our parties we always start with choosing a theme. A great thing to do for kids and adults alike is to choose a color as your theme. It gets super easy from there on out. Get decorations in different shades of your color. Make DIY goody bags in the same color. You can even decorate a plain and simple white cake so easily in one color.

In this blog post we want to share a couple of easy DIYs to make your next party amazing. You can change these around to suit your theme.

DIY Goody Bags

All you need for these bags are print outs of the treat bag template shared below. Cut these paintbrush handles out and use them as toppers for simple plastic bags. Fill the plastic bags with colored goodies. You can choose candy, stationery and small toys that go with your theme. Fold the handles in half as shown in the pictures below and use tape to secure them to your plastic bags. This will seal the bags shut and add a decorative top!

DIY Cake Décor

We love starting out with plain and simple white or cream frosted cakes. The possibilities for cake décor are endless. You can use fresh flowers, paper props, tulle and so much more. For this cake we used some tulle at the base and just wrapped it around. A small paper crown cut out of yellow card was put on top. You can add some fun cake toppers and paper embellishments too.

There are so many amazing templates online that you can use to make your own party hats and other fun paper DIYs. Look around the wonderful world of the internet, grab some templates, some card paper and DIY your way to a stunning birthday party on an incredible budget!

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