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We spend most of our time at work or in our bedrooms and having a place where we can work and relax respectively is key to a happy life. In this blog post we will focus on five simple things you can do to decorate your bedroom or give it a bit of uplift.

We like buying our staples in basic neutral colors and then changing out the accessories to completely change the look of our space. By staples we mean furniture, bed linen, high ticket items that one doesn’t change all that often. Cushions and wall art and small knick-knacks would come under accessories that one can mix and match and change out every once in a while.

We always suggest building your base in neutral colors like white, cream, grey or beige and then pull in a couple of colors to liven things up. You could choose to go with colors from the same family like shades of blue or shades of green. You could pick complementary colors like orange and pink or contrasting ones like blue and orange. Look at different color schemes online and choose what appeals to you.

The latest trend is to use light colored patterns to decorate a bedroom in a simple manner. Below are some simple ideas for decorating your bedroom with contemporary and chic essentials that are a must.

  1. The focal point of any bedroom is the bed and we love having lots of cushions on ours. Choose different textures and colors and create a luxurious or fun look. You can set many moods based on the colors and textures you choose.


  1. Lighting is another essential. It creates a wonderful and relaxing experience if done right. Whether you go with fairy lights on the wall above your bed or sleek bedside lamps, make sure you pick some fun lighting that makes you happy.


  1. Adding a colored throw on your bed or sofa is a great way to add a cozy feel while adding more color to your neutral palette.


  1. Wall art is a must have for your bedroom. Create a gallery wall above your bed and it will act as a central feature in your room. Alternatively, you could design a gallery wall right opposite your bed – the wall you see as soon as you wake up in the morning. The first images you see every day will set the mood for many hours so make them beautiful and inspirational. Pick a mix of quotes, abstract art and beautiful imagery in different frames.


  1. Use neutral geometric decals in gold or black to create a modern feature wall. This could be the wall behind your bed creating the perfect backdrop for your headboard.

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