Welcome to the new 2019 Cheezain etc. collection and our blog!

Welcome to the new 2019 Cheezain etc

Cheezain etc. started because of the passion we shared for beautiful spaces and the belief that beautiful spaces led to happy people.

We launched our website in January 2018 and have been overwhelmed by your support in the past year! Cheezain etc. has grown by leaps and bounds and this latest collection brings with it many new features.

  1. We are publishing our first ever look-book in February and will be sharing a version with you on the website as well! This look-book is the first of it’s kind in Pakistan featuring complete decor looks as well as DIYs, recipes and other tips and tricks.
  2. On our blog we will continue the DIY culture and will share many printables that you will be able to use to add life to your parties, dinners, decor and more!
  3. We will be posting on the blog weekly so do make sure you check back for more fun stuff. We will also launch an exclusive e-newsletter with discounts and special resources later in February. You can sign up below.
  4. This year we will be launching several collections! We are so excited about everything we have planned for you, we can hardly wait!


In this blog post we want to share some fun BBQ tips and tricks. The winter months are slipping by and we have very few weekends left to host the perfect BBQ.

Half the fun of a BBQ is the ambiance you create! Nature provides the chilly evenings and it’s up to you to provide the cozy factor. A small garden or driveway is really all you need to set up the perfect evening for loved ones.

In this collection we feature fun darris and cushions that will make setup a breeze. Add some fairy lights above to create a canopy of light! String these lights using boundary walls or trees. They are super light and don’t need much support.

Add some old fruit crates to make smaller tables or join them together to create a larger table. You can use lanterns (available here) to add to the magic of the evening. Place them on your tables or hang them up on trees. You can add some flowers in mason jars to add color to your setup. Throw cushions all around and you’re done. The whole aesthetic should be warm and cozy and super-duper relaxed!

Now that the decor is done, let’s get into the menu. At a BBQ we recommend few dishes in large quantities. The star of the show will be your grilled meat and with a side dish and one sweet dish you should be all done.

BBQ Marination Recipe 

We believe in easy and instant recipes. The nandos sauces make perfect marinades. Choose the right flavor for your guests – they have all sorts of options from mild to spicy. Add some yogurt, some Italian herbs and salt.

  • It’s always best to make one chicken cube or piece to make sure your marinade is perfect for you.
  • Cover the marinated chicken and leave for 2-3 hours so the flavors can seep into the meat.
  • The best side dishes for BBQ are corn and potatoes!
  • Boiled corn on the cob served with butter, red chili powder, salt and some lemons is super easy to make and complements the meat perfectly.
  • You can also make baked potatoes and serve with butter. All you have to do is take medium sized potatoes and cover them in aluminum foil. Take a knife and make some incisions in the potato and then bake on coals or in your oven. The time for baking will depend on the potato – the best way to make sure it’s done is to take a skewer and put it in the potato. If it glides through the potato is done!

No Bake Dessert

This is an absolute favorite with our family and friends. All you need is:

  • Marie biscuits crushed
  • Condensed milk
  • Cream
  • Optional – strawberries

Take your individual small dessert bowls and make a layer of Marie biscuits, condensed milk and cream. Make two layers and then put in the freezer so that the dessert can become firm. You can top this dessert in many different ways. From strawberries to chocolate shavings to bananas and even caramel.

We hope you enjoyed this DIY BBQ party! We’ll be back again next week with more fun stuff to help you celebrate life.


Team Cheezain etc.

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