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Charger platters are a great item to add to your tableware, as they add a new level of sophistication to your tablescape and at the same time are also used to serve your guests. Chargers can be used to accentuate your dinnerware and add colour to your dining table. These tabletop chargers are made with faux wood and are not to be used as dinner plates. We have some beautiful black and white chargers to add elegance to your table or you can buy from our collection of chinoiserie chargers to add a floral element to your table decor.

Chargers are used as a base for your plate and they act as protective layer between your plate and tablecloth. All our chargers have a standard diameter of 13 inches. These chargers can be used for special occasions or just a regular dinner at home. Our chargers are made with high quality durable materials. You can browse through our collection of dining essentials, mix and match to create your very own customised tablescape.

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