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Blue Vase

Acrylic Bulb Bird Feeder and Acrylic Round Bird Feeder.

Acrylic Bulb bird Feeders (set of 3)

Close- up of Acrylic Round Bird Feeder and Acrylic Bulb Bird Feeder.

Acrylic Round bird Feeders (set of 3)

Table decor of Gold Bowl with a rose

Gold Bowl


All spaces need small finishing touches to make them look truly finished and lived in. In our opinion these knick knacks are what add your personality and unique style to your space. Whether you want to add some touches of gold by incorporating our brass accessories or add a bit of color using faux plants or marble accessories we try to find and curate beautiful accessories for you that will suit every decor and space in your life. From high end accessories to more budget friendly things – we have it all and are constantly on the lookout to bring you unique stuff from all over the world.

If you’re looking for something to style bookshelves or coffee tables we will definitely have something for you. Our decorative accessories also make perfect gifts for family and friends. So if you’re looking for stuff to give on the next birthday or housewarming we have you covered! We ship all over Pakistan and deliver in a week.